This intensive 2.5 hour session will improve your career prospects, define your goals and produce an actionable plan to move forward, quickly and confidently in your career. A review of your CV and LinkedIn profile will make you stand out in the market.
Your investment for the plan that could change your career is £1000.



A unique offering for start up businesses seeking to make a powerful social impact. We will work together to accelerate your impact in the world. Your investment in this programme has been highly subsidised to ensure you can get the right support when you need it. With the aid of professional and experienced coaches and consultants, you will discover how to communicate, position and gain support for your idea. 

Your investment in a six-month Impact coaching programme is £3000.


Two days of intense coaching.

These days are not consecutive you will leave Day 1 with specific work to do to bring back on Day 2. We work together to understand your motivations and your blockers.

We will identify your competing commitments and conflicts to create ease and energy in every possibility you want to create.

You will leave with an understanding of your new found strengths and have a clear plan for the possibilities that you want to create.

Your investment for two days that could change everything for you is £2,500.

Image by Alvin Mahmudov


Do you have a specific challenge that you want to address, or a goal you want to achieve? It could be a personal business accelerator to activate a specific area of your business, to dramatically grow your client impact and sales for example. It could be to kickstart your new business idea, or you face redundancy and don’t know which way to go.

We will work together to define your outcome, to identify the consistent actions to take you to next level, to achieve contentment. Your investment over six months is typically £7200.


As a business owner, decision maker or entrepreneur, you have already created success. You also know that your success to date is your greatest weakness tomorrow.

Now, you are ready to be bold. To pull apart your past successes and failures, to break down old patterns, to cut through resistance, to cherry pick your most powerful traits and you are ready to build a new platform at a whole new level. We will work together for a minimum of a year, in close partnership to create a series of powerful outcomes.

You could be expanding your business, creating an impactful legacy programme, a new life balance, potentially a whole new life.

You will work personally and exclusively with a selected coach in a highly customised partnership. Your investment will typically be £15000



The Absolute Programme is only for those who have already experienced outstanding success where you have created wealth, impact, almost certainly both.

You are seeking a trusted advisor and coach to play at your level, who is not afraid to tell you the kind truth.

Someone who will expose your imperfections, and spotlight your hidden or even forgotten talents.

The Absolute Programme is demanding, raising the already high standards that you set for yourself and your team. There is unlimited coaching, daily if required. There will be regular one day personal intensives. This 12 month commitment (minimum) and your investment is tailored to you and your team.

Clients typically pay £50,000-£150,000 for the absolute coaching.