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What could SWUSH help you achieve?

Fast track your development

In just two full-day sessions (and a little homework in between) you can focus on the areas you could be improving on and fast track your professional development.

Understand what motivates you

With Swush Intensive, you’ll be able to identify what your key motivators are and how to make them work in the best way for you.

Overcome your blockers 

With the Intensive programme, you can expect to find a new understanding of what your blockers are so you can then begin to deal with them head-on.

Uncover your strengths

The Intensive programme will help you to uncover and rediscover your strengths. Following your coaching sessions, you’ll come away with a better understanding of how to tap into them to transform your career.

Create an ambitious plan

Throughout your two days of coaching, we’ll work together to define your goals and any required actions so that you can come away with a clear, ambitious yet achievable plan of action.

Access bespoke support

The Intensive programme is there to give you the support you need to take on your plan with a sense of ease and energy to maximise your chances of success.

Women in business with a strong sense of ambition often face a whole variety of barriers that can prevent them from achieving a healthy work-life balance while still excelling in their career.


Do you struggle with a lack of time to develop your professional skills? With the Swush intensive programme, you can fast track your success in a way that fits around your schedule.

The Swush Intensive programme is your ticket to fast-tracking your professional development - all while achieving that elusive work-life balance you’ve been dreaming about.

What Swush can help you Overcome

The Intensive Programme

Swush’s Intensive course includes; two days of intense coaching that have the potential to change everything for you.

You will leave Day 1 prepared for Day 2. We work together to understand your motivations and your blockers.

You will leave with an understanding of your newfound strengths and have a clear plan for the possibilities that you want to create.

Is a lack of time in the way of personal and professional development?

When you’re a business owner or aiming to advance into a C-Suite position, working excessively long hours can become the norm. However, this doesn’t leave much space and time to focus on the areas of development you’d really like to pursue, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance may seem like an unachievable feat.

Luckily, the culture is gradually changing, and it’s now generally accepted that running dangerously close to burnout is not the best way to get things done. However, a shift in work culture doesn’t always help when your to-do list is still sky-high and time is of the essence.