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The traditional 9-5 was designed by men, for men. With fewer responsibilities outside of the working day, men were free to advance in their careers, trusting that women taking care of the unpaid labour at home would manage everything else. There was no question of childcare, maternity leave or work-life balance.

Luckily times have moved on and there are many women that are business owners and hold C-suite positions. But that doesn’t mean that they have equal opportunities. Patriarchal work environments, the pay gap, and the expectation for women to still manage the majority of housework and childcare unfortunately still persist.

As a result, women are facing more than their fair share of barriers that threaten their professional potential and prevent them from breaking through that glass ceiling.  

What could SWUSH help you achieve?

Increased confidence

We will enable you to build the confidence you've been missing and empower you to take control of your own success.

Take The Next Step

We’ll support you through the process of achieving your career aspirations by helping you to get noticed and promoted into the position you deserve. 

Get the salary you deserve

We'll be able to help you through the process, helping you to understand what you’re really worth and assisting you in building the case for a pay rise to take to your employer.

Level up your performance

With the help of our executive leadership coaching, you’ll be able to find your groove, improve performance, and most importantly: keep it consistent. It’s about strategy, balance and understanding what approach works for you.

Achieve your goals

We can help you break down your goals to figure out exactly what direction appeals to you, provide you with transformative professional development and the toolkit to pursue those goals with a higher chance of success.

Discover your purpose

If you feel like your hard work lacks purpose, our coaches can help you shift your approach so that you can start getting the most value possible out of what you’re doing. 

Female business owners and leaders face a whole variety of barriers that can prevent them from reaching their professional potential.

Do you want the skills to compete and tools to build the career of your dreams? Maybe you think you can't have it all, but with the Swush Executive Transformation programme, you can. 

Achieving your career ambitions is more than just a possibility when you have the right help and support.

Why our clients choose Swush



Executive Transformation is a bespoke programme with the aim of transforming your professional development using tailored individual coaching, proven training and tools, including behaviour profiling, professional mock interviews, and digital presence reviews.