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You’ve already achieved outstanding success, but what about those barriers preventing you from raising the bar even further? 

As a female C-suite position holder, you have trailblazed your way to the top. As well as gaining wealth and impact along the way, your achievements speak volumes about your sense of purpose and ambition.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s been easy. Perhaps all of the hard work and energy you’ve put into your achievements have left you with a sense of burnout and a lack of clarity on where you can focus your efforts to advance your career even further and raise your already high standards.

What could SWUSH help you achieve?

Access to unlimited coaching

With the C-Suite programme, you’ll have access to unlimited coaching, which you can access whenever you need expert advice, feedback, or support.

Honest, constructive feedback

The C-Suite programme provides honest and constructive feedback on individual, Board and company performance, along with practical advice on what action you can take to improve it.

Spotlight hidden talents

With the C-Suite programme, you’ll have access to someone who isn’t afraid to tell you the kind truth. Your personal coach will help you recognise your imperfections while also spotlighting your hidden or even forgotten talents.

Improve already high standards

The C-Suite programme is demanding, raising the already high standards that you set for yourself and your team. With this elite coaching programme, you’ll be pushed even further in order to thrive. 

Challenge yourself 

This elite coaching programme is designed to help you achieve your full potential. With regular one-day personal intensives, you’ll have all the support you need to succeed while being challenged every step of the way.


Expert advice tailored to you

Whether you need help with strategy, developing talent, or simply managing time better, you can count on your coach to provide bespoke expert advice for both you and your team.


C-Suite Programme

The C-Suite Programme is only for those who have already experienced outstanding success where you have created wealth, impact, almost certainly both. You’ll have access to a trusted advisor and coach to play at your level, who is not afraid to tell you the kind truth.


This service is unlimited coaching and will include regular one-day personal intensives. This is a 12-month commitment (minimum) and your investment is tailored to you.

Female C-suite position holders have experienced outstanding success, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come face to face with their fair share of challenges.


With the C-Suite programme, you can expect to receive unlimited high-level, honest and constructive coaching  on individual, Board and company performance. The result? You’ll have the resources you require to thrive without the usual levels of stress it takes to stay at the top of your professional game.  

Stay in control of your own success, push past your barriers and get challenged along the way.

What Swush can help you Overcome